Friday, May 06, 2011

Cortez, Colorado (Mesa Verde)

I have found my BlackBerry.  Yay!

Our days are busy.  Each morning we visit the park that we drove to the afternoon before.  We do not rush our way through the park we are visiting but see all that we can.  Then we have the drive to the next park we have selected to visit.  The drive is usually between three to five hours.

Today, after a day at Mesa Verde viewing and visiting some of the magnificent cliff dwellings we had a three hour drive to Canyon de Chelly.

Last night Bev and I could not sleep and we both had disturbing dreams.  Today we asked our new Navajo friends, Edward and Karen, if there were problems in Cortez.  They confirmed a problem and said that many people have had heart attacks at our hotel.  Karen said, "that hotel needs the Medicine Man but they refused to have him visit".  Very different vibes tonight in Canyon de Chelly.  To be sure though, I have given our room some help by using Reiki.  We think there may even be more to the story .....

Continued next evening.
Mesa Verde
Spruce Tree House
Bev going into the kiva at Spruce Tree House
Cliff Palace
Pithouse - A.D. 600
Square Tower House - A.D. 1200-1300
Sun Point View A.D. 1200-1300
The four cliff dwellings above can be seen from Sun Point View as can the Sun Temple A.D. 1250 below.
 The unfinished Sun Temple from Sun Point View
A kiva at The Sun Temple.


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM CDT

    Isn't the West just incredibly beautiful? You guys look like you are having such a nice time. Wish I were along with you! Glad you got the Blackberry back, and all is well. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Dawnie

  2. Yes Dawn, we are having a nice time and the SW is "incredibly beautiful". It would have been fun to have you with us but you have a wedding to prepare for. See you on the 14th. Love, Luiza