Sunday, July 18, 2010

Albergue Ave Fenix

The Lithuanians
... and the stories that touch the heart still continue. In the afternoon yesterday we were sitting in front of the albergue when along came a group (20 plus) from Lithuania. This group have walked from Lourdes, France, and will continue through Santiago de Compostela to Fatima, Portugal. They are carrying a large wooden cross with Jesus, statues of Madonna, and flags from ... I know not where. They stopped to rest at the church beside Ave Fenix. We gave them water and help with their destination for the day. They had thought the church was were they were to leave what they carry overnight but they were to go to the VF del Bierzo Cathedral. We asked their young guide if they objected to photos and they do not so yes, I have photos. Some of the older women were in traditional Lithuanian clothes, seeing them so solemnly walk up the hill and then back down on their way to the Cathedral was a very touching moment.

We have one young lass from Venezuela staying over today. She can hardly walk with her tendonitis and it is painful to see her struggle. We have bathed her feet in warm water, mint, and other herbs and now Maria, Jato's wife, is giving her Reiki.

Again last night I saw the heart of the man. Four cyclists arrived around ten, we had no space at all, so Jato told them to leave their bikes and he drove them the 8k back to Cacabelos where he had found room for them.

We had two sittings for dinner because of the large Italian group (45) and our Italian hospitalero, Roberto, cooked pasta for both sittings. Jato had the night off from cooking and seemed to be very tired. It was a very busy night.

There is a three day craft and music fiesta here in the pueblo we wonder if tonight there will be fireworks at the close of the events. I will let you know.

There are many more stories but I have no more time ....


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM CDT

    You are collecting so many treasures for your memory book....are you not extremely lucky, my friend? I think so. Material things will wear out, but these golden moments will last forever. God will bless, I have no doubt. I look forward to your stories. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Dawnie,

    of course there are stories that I have not put on the Blog but will I remember them? I hope so. I have been sending Reiki and can only hope that it helps you.

    Bye for now and thanks for caring :)