Friday, July 30, 2010

On my way tomorrow ...

I spent the day in Paris again and it was a superb day, bright and sunny with a cool breeze, a lovely day for touring. I was able to purchase some more medallions from Notre Dame so I am happy.

I went to Starbucks for a Paris mug but they only had one cracked Paris mug or many France mugs. So I bought a France mug but was not very happy about it. Then about 300 meters away on the next block there was another Starbucks and they had a Paris mug. So I bought a Paris mug and trotted back to the first Starbucks to return the France mug. When I went to return the France mug they suddenly had a supply of Paris mugs and complained that I should have bought the Paris mug at their store. Of course they had objections, but so did I, they had told me that they had no other Paris mug, wanting me to be stupid enough to buy a cracked mug. Unusually for me, I stood my ground, they had tried to pull a swift one and I was not a happy camper. Eventually I did get my money back, thanks to a guy in line who was acting as translator.

It was again beautiful to see the sights of Paris and I look forward to returning again one day. I love Paris and I have many fond memories of visiting this city with Andree, Benny, Bonita, Lee, and Garry. It was here in Paris that I learned of the Camino de Santiago in 1999.

So it is back to the USA tomorrow and back to Garry and my small family there. It will be wonderful to see Miss Charlotte again, and of course, her parents (that is a family joke). Katie and Chris are ready for a game of Mexican Train and I go to Dawn's at the end of the week for a badly needed haircut.

Thank you for following me along the way, if you have questions I will happily answer them for you, just send an email (address on profile).

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  1. You will see your little granddaughter Saturday afternoon :)

    Safe travels my dear,