Sunday, July 25, 2010

Albergue Ave Fenix

Next door to the albergue is the 12th Century Iglesia Santiago with its Puerta del Perdon (Door of Pardon). At this church pilgrims who could not reach Santiago de Compostela were for one day able to pass through the Door of Pardon and receive a mini Compòstela. Well today is the day and the door is not open yet, we are hoping it will open at 1600 when the church opens for the evening. We have been told that there used to be a procession where the folks carried the statue of Santiago around town.

Ah ha say my fellow pilgrims, now I remember that church.

The view from the church praza

 Castillo de Villafranca del Bierzo


  1. Since you are missing St. James Day in Santiago today, I really hope the Iglesia Santiago's doors were opened for you (and yes, just you) ;)

    A procession would also be a nice farewell gift.

    Bon voyage for tomorrow,

  2. Safe trip home Luiza. It has been good reading your insights from the other side.

    Take care,

  3. Dearest,
    I remember that Church very well. Not only from my Camino when there was a mass celebrated but more so when I was on memory lane by car in 2008. I spent over an hour there, there is a very special energy. I do hope you get the chance to get through that door. But be sure, that even without that your sins will be forgiven. You worked them off......
    I was (sort of) part of the high mass in SdC yesterday. I was in Altea and saw it on television. With the king and queen present (he held a good speech) because it is one of the most important Holy Days in Spain. Saint James the elder is the patron saint of Spain, so it was a "very high" mass with of course the Botafumeiro swinging. It was good to see that.
    And now, it is coming to an end, and that is good as well. The next Here and Now is coming and you will know what to do with all these great experiences. Have a safe trip home. In my heart I accompany you.
    Hasta luego con muchos besos y abrazos,

  4. Garry, an 800 year old tradition would not be held just for me .... and it appears the door will not open this year. We still do not know when they hold the procession and open the door ... maybe it is other years than Año Santo.

    Thanks Ashley for your kind words. I am still at Ave Fenix and hopefully I will be able to leave tomorrow. I have been very ill for the last two days but Jato and the hospitalero/a family have been looking after me. I am getting betta!

    Dear Kees,
    In and out of my fog I have seen a little of yesterday´s events on the television. Thanks for explaining the day to the readers who do not understand that July 25 during the Año Santo is a very Holy Day in Spain. Perhaps I will be well enough to leave tomorrow. It is like SdC last year, yuk, yuk, yuk, I know your remember.

    Tons of love to all