Saturday, July 24, 2010

About Albergue Ave Fenix

St. Jean · Roncesvalles · Santiago
The Way of St. James

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Albergue (2) Ave Fenix Network hostel (987-540-229). Open all year with 77 beds + overflow space on mattresses. Facilities include solar heated showers (may run cold later in the day) and no kitchen but bar and dining room offering a communal pilgrim supper followed, perhaps, by a mystical Queimada. There is a pleasant patio area overlooking the town. An additional service offered by the family is to take backpacks (mochillas) up to O´Cebreiro to await your arrival at the albergue there and hands-on healing may also be available by donation. (These services are available whether staying at the hostel or not). The Ave Fenix rises, literally, from the ashes. The previous hostel was destroyed by fire, although many will recall with affection the interim tented encampment, a veritable haven of hospitality and healing offered by Jesus Jato and his family. Recent reports have not been so favorable but the pilgrim accepts with equanimity the changing standards he finds along the way. However the truth behind the philosophy of Jesus does not change. It appears in a faded copy of a newspaper article that hangs on the wall. The simple message is worth repeating and needs no translation but a lifetime of learning to assimilate its profundity:¨"El Camino es tiempo de meditacion interior, no intinerario turismo."


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM CDT

    I think this would be a very good place to stay, if I ever have the extraordinary opportunity to walk a Camino.....perhaps,one day. Enjoy your last hours in the company of pilgrim friends. May your journey home be safe and trouble free. Love, Dawn

  2. Maybe it was the Reiki but I have been very ill over the last twenty-four hours, sick like I was in Santiago last year. I know what you are thinking Kees. I am starting to feel better but am still a little sensitive. It is Sunday and Jesus decided to give us two extra hours and we will not open until 1400, YEA!

    ´Tis my last day and I am sad ... I have seen Jesus Jato perform a Queimada, if not in 2002 then it was 2007 but Kees did put a little wish in for me for tonight.

    See you soon Dawnie, I love you.


  3. Very concerned to hear that you are not feeling well, especially since you have to start traveling tomorrow. Do you have appropriate medicines? Get better soon if you can . . . .

    Thinking of you (and your last day on your special camino),

  4. Like all good pilgrims I have medical supplies in my pack so I am OK. It is a shame that it is a dry bar ... I would have enjoyed a Cuba Libre but had to settle for solo Coca Cola. I will be fine when traveling, thank you.

    Bye, love,