Saturday, July 24, 2010

Albergue Ave Fenix

Isabella - Germany
Isabella was on her way to Estella when she had problems with her bicycle that she could not fix. She pushed her bike back to Pamplona. It was San Fermin (the bull chasing) Festival in Pamplona the city was crowded. It took her some time but she found a man who was able to fix her bike. She could not find anywhere to sleep so she joined up with two male cyclists and slept in the park. When she woke she was happy that she was alive. Then she noticed that all their packs were gone, the rope used to tie them together had been cut during the night. She lost all she had except the important things like her money, Identity Card, pilgrim credential and guidebooks as they were in the pack she had used as a pillow. At first she thought she was finished on the camino. Then she went shopping, bought the basic needs and continued along the way. Such a nice young German girl she will reach Santiago de Compostela by Monday, after the festivities of July 25 but she will get there.

The Danes
Their father had produced a Danish documentary on the camino a few years ago so the two brothers have wanted to walk the way for a long time. The elder brother showed me his blister and asked if we had something he could cover it with. He had Compeed but the blister was too big for the patch. I asked if he wanted Reiki and we all suggested he leave it uncovered until the morning. I promised to get out to him by 0630 and I did. He wanted another Reiki session and then I covered his blister so that he could walk.

A gift for me ....

While giving the young Dane Reiki a man walked past, looking directly at me he asked if I would like a Reiki session. Oh yes please, this had been a draining day for me emotionally. Jose waited until we finished our hospitalero/a dinner and then gave me Reiki. It was cool in the garden but I did not feel cold once Jose started the session. Jose is staying at Ave Fenix today and will be Initiating a pilgrim as a Reiki 1. Kees told me that I would know when to offer Reiki and I apparently also know when to receive it. The young Dane was as grateful for his treatments as I was to Jose for giving Reiki to me.


  1. Dearest, it is so great to read your beautiful stories and about all your experiences. This is a big life changing thing I think! And all the emotions you are getting through, but at the right time in the right place, carried by all the beautiful people you meet and surrounded by all that beautiful energy. I love it to read about your REIKI encounters of all sorts, I so recognize that. On the most unexpected moments it's there and it brings you in contact with yourself, the other and ....??? Reading about the incoming pilgrims is also very emotional for me. It brings back so many memories. For me this was also one of the best parts as well. I was then (2007) very much "on the CAMINO" and the greatest things happened in that section. I hope that you enjoy every of the last hours that you are there. This you can take home and nobody can take this away from you.
    I finally added a picture as follower, but on me computer it doesn's look good. Specially made one this morning, but I couldn't crop it right and it looks blurred. I will try to improve it.
    With all my heart, as usual,

  2. Hola Luiza,

    I must admit, it never ceases to amaze me the synchrous ugliness and yet beauty of mankind. While Jesus Jato and his team are dispensing unconditional compassion to wanting pilgrims, others have no compunction whatsoever in abusing them. This is when I wish for an ultimate justice that would correct the imbalances of our worldly lives.

    A beautiful blog entry Luiza . . . .

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM CDT

    Wonderful reading for all of us who are following along. Thank you for this. Love, Dawn

  4. Dearest,

    As you know the camino energy is very strong.

    Yes Kees, it is a beautiful experience and many beautiful people surround me here at Ave Fenix. I will be so sad to leave here on Monday morning and saying farewell the Jato family. My Hungarian volunteer friend, Agnes, also leaves Monday morning and she will walk to Santiago (for the second time). For Jesus and Maria a French couple are arriving tomorrow to be the new hospitalero/a, we are an ever changing group for them.

    I want to write about the pilgrims because when we are walking the way we only have an idea about those around us. From being here I find there are many stories and each pilgrim has a story to tell. These stories will stay wth me and I am sure you and my pilgrim friends know that there are stories I have not written about, the stories will stay with me in my heart, for me alone.

    I love your photo being on the Blog and it makes me smile, I am sure those who know you are also smiling.


  5. Thank you Dawnie ....

    For my 2007 friends I had an email from the reclusive Steve this morning and he will be walking Camino Portuguese next month. Since Steve does not like this electronice world we will not be following him on a Blog. However, if Ashley is with him then .... Ashley is very good with Blogging.

    Sorry for using your space Dawn but I don´t think you will mind.