Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Albergue Ave Fenix

The Koreans

Late last night three young Korean men walked in and covered with bed-bug bites. Oscar and Jato went into action taking them and their packs immediately to the Duchas (showers).  They emptied the backpacks, fumigated packs and contents, then all that could be laundered went to the washing machines.

Jato took the men to the 24 hour ER and the doctors looked after them. We quarantined the guys in a special area and they are recovering here for two days. With the one man having the blisters on his feet he cannot put his boots on yet.  I now know what one persons reaction to bed-bug bites can look like .... they are blown up with fluid much like blisters.

This morning the three of them spent time on the computers reading up on bed-bugs. Might I suggest that if you are reading this before your first camino that you read about bed bugs before leaving home.

Mosquito bites
I am the only hospitalero/a that has mosquito bites. Every morning I have woken up with many bites. Except this morning, yesterday I went to the Farmacia and purchased repellent and it worked. This morning I did not have one new bite.

My credential
This morning I went to get out my computer Euro and my credential was not in my wallet. Yesterday I went into the village for the first time since my arrival here and I went shopping. So I went in search of the credential this morning to the Farmacia, Cafe Compostela, and the Supermercado as this credential has a stamp from Santiago de Compostela which for me is important. The stamp shows that I was in Santiago de Compostela during Año Santo 2010. I had left the credential at the supermercado and was so happy to find it.

To Santiago de Compostela

So far today is slower than any other day since I arrived. The walking pilgrim rush to be in Santiago de Compostela by July 25 is almost over. Now it will be the long-distance sport pilgrim and the cyclists who come in as they can still reach Santiago by July 25.

The pilgrims we meet are amazing. In walked a German man this afternoon who looks fit, healthy, and in his sixties. We were amazed that he is seventy-seven years old. Then he asked, am I the oldest? Well no, he is not actually the oldest that I have known as I 'know' Bob Sprenger through the Ultreya list who is in his eighties. However, yes he is the oldest person we have checked into this albergue since I have been working here. This OLD MAN is not an OLD MAN.

 Me (Luiza), Agnes, Roberto


  1. Anonymous8:02 AM CDT

    All the different people, all the stories, are so interesting. Poor guys with the bed bug bites! Thank goodness for someone like Jato who really cares and is willing to help.
    And thank goodness for Luiza, also. The Reiki is definitely making a difference - shop work slow, but there is, at least, some coming in - and this is better than zero! Health issues improving.
    Savor your experiences, and enjoy each day. Love, Dawn

  2. Well, what a relief to have found your credential - your heart must have sunk when you could not find it. All's well that ends well, hey what??

    Those yukky mossies, but you showed them!! Well done - but we always knew you had the sweetest blood so in some respects, it is a complimemt from the insect world :)