Monday, July 26, 2010

Albergue Ave Fenix

Agnes - Hungary
Agnes left this morning looking like a little Peregrina. She is walking to Santiago de Compostela, Finisterre and hopefully she will have time for Muxia. It was sad to see her leave as the two of us worked together so well cleaning the rooms and then on the reception desk. I hope my little Hungarian friend keeps in touch.

Carmen and Marco - Cannes
A husband and wife team arrived yesterday as the two new hospitalero/a´s. The camino looks after Jesus and sees that he has the folks here to help him out. Marco is French and speaks a little English, Carmen is Spanish and speaks a little French - ah the language of love they do not need each others language. They have been married fourteen years and will be here at Ave Fenix for two weeks and will then walk to SdC.

An unhealthy report :)
I have been hit with some bug and I know not why. However the family Jato have been looking after me. Roberto made me a mix of lemon, water, and bi-carbonate of soda, which is working but not a very pleasant drink. Jesus has given me Reiki, Oscar makes me sleep and then wakes me by tickling my feet for meal times saying, "Luiza, vamos". For breakfast they had bananas for me, at lunch it was rice. So with all this loving attention I will get better. I could not have traveled today on a bus and train toward France.


  1. So sorry you're ill, Luiza! Get better soon!
    love, Andrée

  2. Thanks Andree,

    I am a little better and will leave for Ponferrada by bus this morning. From Ponferrada I take the train to France and do not know when I will be able to Blog/email again.

    Bye for now folks,

  3. Anonymous7:47 AM CDT

    Oh Luiza, I am so sorry for you. I know that "bug", as I had it Friday night. Sounds as if you had the proper care, for sure. I don't know if you will see this post, as I have just seen your new posts. You are probably gone traveling by now, but you will see it next time you are able. I wish you a pleasant return journey. You are definitely in my thoughts. Love, Dawn

  4. Thank you Dawn,

    I am in Paris using a French keyboard set up for Qwerty .... yuk! I had an OK journey from VF del Bierzo to Paris, more on Blog.

    I hope you are also feeling better.