Thursday, July 29, 2010

Touring Paris

Notre Dame
It was a lovely cool day in Paris today which made it nice for being a tourist. I started at Notre Dame a magnificent cathedral with its plain interior but splendid stained glass windows. Charlotte and Sophie are always on my mind and since I know Charlotte loves to wind a coin through the machine that leaves an impression on it I put my two euro coins in the medallion machine at Notre Dame. The medals are lovely with Notre Dame on one side and a Templar Cross on the other, I will go back for more!

Les Cars Rouges
I decided to get a ticket on LesCarsRouges (the red open bus) which is valid for two days and allows hop on, hop off, at all stops. I completed the circuit on the bus and saw all my favorite spots in Paris ... I even saw Rodin's Thinker from the bus and remembered being there with Benny and Bonita.

Sidewalk Cafes
I had both breakfast and lunch in Paris because it is so nice to be able to sit at a sidewalk cafe. Ooh, the croissant was wonderful at breakfast and the Croque Monsieur (spelling) was just what I wanted. However, with my tummy problems and wheat intolerance I had better go easy on the bread or I will not get better.

For my girls
Charlotte and Sophie will look so cute in their pink berets and can hang the little Eiffel Towers from their school backpacks. I am so lucky that both their names are French and so I was able to get them lovely little notepads with the message, Un petit mot de Charlotte, or Sophie. I don't know about you, my reader, but one cannot find a suitable gift for an adult in souvenier shops but for children they love the trinkets you give them.

I am now back at the hotel looking forward to another fantastic dinner. Last night the steak was superb, I asked for bien cuit and that was what I received ... it was perfect, simply well done, not overdone. Tonight I will try the chicken.

Anyhow that was my day in Paris.


  1. What a lovely day. I'm feeling nostalgic! There's nothing quite like a few days wandering around Paris... Enjoy!

  2. Anonymous7:11 PM CDT

    My mouth is watering! And, of course, I am reading whilst I am hungry! Everything sounds so very "Paree". I know you had a lovely time. I know that Lady Charlotte and Missy Sophie will just flip over their pink berets and petite note pads.
    Do you leave Saturday or Sunday? You still have time to visit the Louvre and the Latin Quarter.
    Lisa came and visited me today and we had lunch (she took a day off for dentist and dog to vet). We talked about going on our trip to Houston, and we are looking forward to it. Anyway, enjoy it all in the time left, and safe traveling. Love, Dawn