Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almeria, Spain

Now I feel at home. Almeria, Spain has not disappointed me today. The weather has been hot and sunny with no clouds at all, simply beautiful.

We drove to Mojáca which is simply a tourist town but is also one of those picturesque hilltop white villages of Andulacia (los pueblos blancos). I had to have my usual treats when in Spain such as Jamon Iberico, Queso, Cuba Libre, and of course Cafe con leche ... ah, wonderful. Driving to Mojáca we went past Mini Hollywood and other film studios where the old westerns were filmed such as, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". The region is dry and the landscape barren.

Back in Almeria we had lunch at an outdoor cafe. The Spanish love water fountains in their cities and Almeria has a beautiful fountain at the port end of a very wide boulevard.

As we prepare to sail this is the view from the ship, Alcazaba de Almeria at sunset.

On to Gibralter ....


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM CDT

    Nice to be "home" in Spain. Good to taste the comfort foods.
    May I please request more Reiki (as it has worked today with a small amount of business coming in). But, also both you and Kees needed for Danny. Danny fell off ladder (slipped foot off rung), went down and has broken his wrist/arm/ and possibly elbow - unfortunately, for him, his right arm. Surgery scheduled for Tuesday coming. Because he takes Plavix he cannot have surgery until stopping the drug at least five days in advance (blood thinning issues). If he didn't take Plavix, they could have done the surgery tomorrow (Friday), and relieved mucho pain. However, he is going to have to suffer until surgery. Anyway, he is in very, very much pain and is really suffering. And his work is crucial now, as the ethanol project is just kicking off....he is so upset. He cannot do anything much. I had to peel his banana this morning. Much Reiki needed in Sulphur for the Harringtons. I am sick also with bad, bad allergy problems. Already had two shots, etc. I had to close shop some. Too much at one time....Reiki needed! Please and thank you. Thank you for listening to problems.
    Continue to have a wonderful time. I just love hearing of all the beautiful sites, etc. Thank you for keeping us updated. Love, Dawnie

  2. Reiki coming your way after I close my computer. Sorry to read this about Danny, I wish him well and hope the pain subsides after the surgery. Kees is now following the Blog so perhps he too will send Danny some Reiki.

    It was lovely to be in Spain knowing the soon (June 10) I will be returning.

    Tons of love to you both .... and Reiki :)