Thursday, May 20, 2010


The view from the top of the rock, it was a cold damp day and windy at the top. The M/V Discovery is the white ship at the dock (center).

It is just a rock, but it has been an important rock over the centuries. A rock two countries have disputed or claimed ownership for centuries. The Spanish are always wanting it back from the British and make it difficult to get into Spain from Gibraltar, they take their own sweet time at Customs/Immigration. We went on an excursion and saw the Batteries, the lighthouse, cathedrals, mosque, and synagogues from the bus.

We then went to St Michael's Cave to see the theater inside, and to the Apes den. The apes are big, fat and certainly well fed and they were rather complacent today. Last time we were here an ape jumped on Cédric's head which made for a nice photograph. We went on the cable car to the top of the rock for hazy views of the harbor, Spain, and Africa. We were unable to see Morocco today.

In all the stops we have enjoyed along this journey ONLY the British tour guide has asked for gratuities (here in Gibralter), and maybe you guessed it, nobody gave him a tip. Gratuities are already added to all American/Canadian accounts by the M/V Discovery company.

Now that we are in the Atlantic the sea is a little rough with whitecaps as far as the eye can see. Charlie (a retired Master/Captain) tells us that we are in a sending sea state, that is when a ship is pushed from behind, like an airplane with a tailwind.

We are now cruising to Lisboa, Portugal a city that I know well. From Lisboa it is two days cruising to Harwich (London), UK.


  1. Anonymous7:15 PM CDT

    Thank you for Reiki. I had to close shop today, as I was too sick to open. Jan (a friend) came to get me and take me to doctor (bad allergies/conjestion/etc.) to get shot and meds. I hope I am better by tomorrow. Danny can't drive, so I am in charge - as Danny can't do much of anything with his arm/wrist. So Reiki much appreciated.
    Enjoyed hearing of Gibralta. Of course, the Brits opt out! Continue to have fun. When you get to London, tell all hello from us. I really miss my friend, but I am glad she is having a nice holiday!

  2. Hi Dawnie,

    I sent you both Reiki again last night and will again tonight, three times is the magic number. I do hope that Danny is not in too much pain. I still wonder what the aha moment will be ... it has been a good cruise and we have met some very nice folks over the month, some characters as well.

    Thinking of you, love,