Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cruising to Almeria, Spain

It has been two days since Rome, Italy. We have experienced rough seas with the ship rocking and rolling - sitting here in the WiFi area I was watching the sea-horizon go up and down then roll to an angle. I have been pleasantly surprised that I have not been sick and I credit Reiki for that (thanks again Kees). Usually I am a doped-out mess on Dramamine, not this time, I have walked around like Dawnie did on the Irish Sea in Gale Force 11 all those years ago. Well, I guess Dawnie that you could say we are only traveling in about force 8.

Ajaccio, Corsica

M/V Discovery at anchor in the harbor. We had to tender today which is a little tricky if the sea is rough.

We visited Tour de la Parata before going on the city tour. This drive gave us an idea of the coastline from Ajaccio and of the vacation homes along the way. These islands would be crowded during European summer, to crowded for me.

Corsica was a pleasant stop but nothing fantastic, although I did have a wonderful capuccino while sitting people watching before going back to the ship. Corsica's claim to fame is that Napoleon was born here but then again was he? Sardinia also claims that Napoleon was born in Sardinia. Genoa claims that Napoleon was born in Genoa. However, this entitles Corsica to build a Napoleon statue and put a plaque on a building for tourists to photograph (me included).

The German ship AIDAvita was at the dock along with the huge Grand Princess. Of course for my friend Aida I had to photograph the AIDAvita. When we were in Ajaccio a group of passengers from the AIDA cycled by, gosh they were all tall and on tall bikes, I smiled. I wonder if they are their own personal bikes or if the ship supplies them.

The big ships like these two (Grand Princess and MSC Magnifica) are known as apartment ships carrying up to 2,500 passengers, HORRIBLE!!!

I will enjoy our cruising day and am off to a casual cocktail party. Invited by the Captain I know it is a chance for him to invite us back on M/V Discovery (at a price of course). This is a very good ship and we are looking at booking the Baltic cruise for next July as I have always wanted to visit St Petersburg and Copenhagen.

Till next time ....


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM CDT

    Wow...it is good that you have managed sea legs, and are not suffering. There is nothing worse than being sick to one's stomach/dealing with the results! I remember you, Bev, and Gwen all being somewhat incapacitated that fateful day on the Irish Sea - in fact, I think everyone on that ship were sick as dogs, except for six drunk Irishmen and me! After all was done, I came to the realization that were probably in very grave danger that day and could have capsized easily...probably a closer call than I'd like to think. Gee, so many years ago.

    So, you may go to the Baltic next year - that is great.

    Reiki showers needed (if possible) for me and shop. I have been attacked by some horrible allergy/sinitis/rhinitis thing, and have been working very sick - not really working - just there! Shop needs more coming in....Your kindness of skill is needed.
    Where to next? Keep us posted.

  2. Sent Kees a text as we passed Alicante. Next stop will be Almeria, Spain which s too far away from Kees to see him, although I saw him waving at the ship :)

    Reiki coming your way later tonight.

  3. So you are about to arrive at Almeria port? GREAT! This is the best corner of Spain! You can take a virtual tour through Almeria until you arrive: http://www.unique-almeria.com

    Have a wonderful journey!