Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A day in London ....

Is that Queen Elizabeth II drawing back the curtain?

We enjoyed a lovely dinner with the Cunnington's last night and remembered all our friends in common. Sophie had a wonderful time playing tricks with Garry and then the man at the table beside us taught her how to hang a spoon from her nose. She became an expert at it quite quickly.

My favorite bridge in London - Tower Bridge

We had a late start for the day and an afternoon sightseeing around London. Later we enjoyed dinner at a nice Italian restaurant near Victoria Station, Bella Italia, the food was excellent. Then we were off to see WICKED. Garry was not happy with the show and I thought it was OK but not the best show I have seen.

This is Little Ben ... cute eh?

Now our possible journey home tomorrow has us up at 0330 and down in the lobby by 0445. We do not like early flights and always opt for flights around midday but this time the cruise company booked our flights so, it is as it is.

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