Friday, May 21, 2010

Lisboa/Sintra/Casçais, Portugal

Because of an hour clock forward time change I was on the Lido Deck for breakfast as we sailed along the Tagus and this is what I saw, the Belem Tower. It was a beautiful sunny morning with the promise of a hot day (34 degrees Celsius).

Garry and I selected the Sintra/Casçais excursion rather than a city tour of Lisboa because we have both been here a few times.

I knew that I was on a Camino when I saw some Camino flashes and then the signpost for Caminho de Atlântico with a walking pilgrim figure on it. I did not see any pilgrims in the area. Sorry folks, once a pilgrim always a pilgrim as my Blog title say's and we pilgrims are always on the lookout for anything Camino.

Sintra is the start of the initiation route that takes in Santiago de Compostela, Toulouse, Chartes, Orleans, Paris, Amiens, and Rosslyn Chapel. We have visited Sintra twice so I knew where to look to view the pillar that starts this route, the end pillar is in Rosslyn. I sat for an hour contemplating the backwards journey to Rosslyn that I have in my future plans.

From Sintra we visited Cabo do Roch, the most westerly point in Portugal. CdR is windswept and has lovely wildflowers at this time of the year. The lighthouse complex makes for a nice photograph and of course there are souvenir shops with cafe/restaurant to visit.

We finished the tour with a drive south along the Portuguese Riviera to Casçais and on to Lisboa to board the ship for the final journey, to Harwich, UK..

That is it! We now have two days sailing to London on calm seas, hopefully all the way. Upon arrival in London we will meet with Gwen, Dave, Tanya, and Sophie before possibly flying home. British Airways are starting a rolling strike on May 24 going through to June 9. We will not know if we are affected until we get to the airport on the 26th. Yes, we are flying BA. What to do? We will work that out when we know more.

Thank you all for your interest in the journey.


  1. Anonymous6:31 PM CDT

    I am so glad that you have had a wonderful trip, eventful with all good things, sans the camera loss in the beginning.

    Please give hugs and kisses to all the Cunningtons and good wishes.

    I hope you get home soon....I really miss my friend and need to have a visit. Love, Dawnie

  2. Hi Dawnie,

    I have sent you both Reiki three times now and I hope it is helping. How is Danny and when will he be operated on? I certainly will pass on your love to the Cunnington's but Tanya is reading the Blog so she may see this (not sure if she knows to click on comments though).

    I have an appointment (I forget when) and will see you before leaving for France.

    See you soon my friend .... Love, Luiza