Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last day at sea ....

Today is the final day of the cruise and we are at sea. The on board newsletter mentioned we would be sailing the Bay of Biscay and that it is a notoriously rough crossing. It was like a milk-pond, calm and still with barely a wave and no swell. We are now in pea soup fog as we near the English Channel, with a cold wind we must be near England (joking).

So today it is packing for the possible journey home. The last Trivia Quiz is at five o'clock and other than that there is no excitement in the schedule. The lecturers on the Mediterranean cruise have been pompous and boring. One read poetry with no overheads (and I need my cartoons) so I fell asleep, that was a good sign not to attend another of his lectures. The port lecturer has steered people wrong by not knowing the city we have visited, and the one who lectures well with good overheads talks about submarines, certainly not something I am interested in.

Unfortunately we will be sailing past the white cliffs of Dover during the early hours of tomorrow morning so we will not see them. Also, we will be on the French side of the English Channel so with the fog, if it continues, we have no hope.

That is my day .... I hope you are enjoying your day.



  1. Anonymous8:14 PM CDT

    Hi Luiza: You may not get this unless you use the Cunnington computer or have in hotel. Anyway, hope you do. I have been pretty busy doing all my work and helping Danny do everything, as he is quite "helpless" at this point for good reason. Surgery is Tuesday morning (time is not specific, as he is being "worked in" between two bigger surgeries, as I understand. Thank you for Reiki. It does help. I am beginning to get a bit better, however, I have had a very rough time with this condition....sinunitis/rhinitis/horrible head/dizzzzy/weak/sweaty/queasy,etc. - Basically, a really bad reaction to an unusual amount of very thick pollen and no rain. I have not had this in years. I guess "It's Back"!!!! I have had two visits to the doc's and three shots, and two different antibiotics, and multiple meds for the head and drainage, and I am still not totally back to normal. I have not been to exercise in two weeks now. I am struggling to get over this.
    Lisa is going to come on Tuesday and Wednesday to the shop so I can take care of Danny. She is going to donate her time, as we are not doing so great with getting business right now. God Bless her.
    I do hope that you will be able to travel back home on time. I will really be happy to see my friend. I think you and I have an appointment on the same day....only a few hours difference....I am not at shop, so can't look on calendar, but I think it is the first week in June (maybe the 5th or 6th). I will have to get a 'babysitter". But, we shall talk before then.
    I am so happy you had a good trip...even though the lectures were boring.....All in all, it seemed a magical journey, one worth the going. Hope to be in contact soon. Keep good wishes, and Reiki coming....we are struggling here somewhat, and appreciate all forces for the improvement of the present situation. Call me when you can. Love, Dawnie

  2. Have passed on news about Danny to Tan when she called earlier, she sends Danny all their best wishes.

    I will continue with Distant Reiki but must remind you that you can use Reiki also Dawn. Hands on head! :)

    Off to dinner with Cunnington's. We have free Internet at the hotel so will check email regularly.