Sunday, May 02, 2010

Mt Akhun and Yew and Box Grove, Sochi

Not wanting to visit Stalin's Dacha we selected a drive to Mt Akhun as our morning excursion. It was a scenic drive and a beautiful view of the Black Sea and the Caucus Mountains from the observation tower. At Mt Akhun all sorts of Russian souvenirs were available including a photograph with a donkey in a non photogenic ugly spot for five dollars. I am sure nobody was that stupid, as on the return he had dropped the price to one dollar.

Next stop was the Yew and Box Grove with a 1.6 kms walk up hill and down dale through the woods. I felt like I was on the Camino as it was steep and rocky with uneven steps. However, this pilgrim managed, although it was hard on my knees coming downhill without a walking stick.

We are meeting some nice folks on our daily travels while sitting in the buses, eating at cafes etc. I spoke with two women today who had walked Camino Francés last year - unfortunately they are known as pilgrim tourists, those who walk the Camino using a support vehicle for their backpacks.

Garry's mother has been placed in Intensive Care with renal failure and a heart attack. She has been stabilized and we can only hope for the best for her. Garry lost his camera after our day out in Trabzon, Turkey he discovered it yesterday when we were leaving for our next port call. Thanks to Andrée for telling me that she carries a point and shoot as well as her SLR so when I was packing I decided to do the same thing. Garry is now using my Camino camera.

UPDATE May 28, 2010
During the time on the cruise Garry was able to be in constant email contact with his sister, Anne. The doctors suggested a pacemaker and Audrey had the surgery and a pacemaker has been inserted. Audrey is now stable and back in the nursing home where she resides.

We have departed Sochi and are now sailing to our next port call - Yalta, Ukraine.


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM CDT

    So sorry to hear about Garry's mum. Hoping she improves. Prays for all.
    Sorry about Garry's camera! So far, sounds exciting adventures for all! Oh, yes I would have enjoyed the Turkish food..
    Have a wonderful time....Love, Dawnie

  2. Sending prayers for Gary's momma....

  3. sorry sent before proofreading that should have read.....sending prayers for GARRRY's momma......