Friday, May 07, 2010

Constanţa, Romania and Nesebur, Bulgaria

Yesterday we were in Constanţa, Romania and the Blog page has not shown up even though it was keyed in. I guess it is in Cyber Heaven so I will start again. Constanţa is the largest port on the Black Sea and not a pretty city with its huge concrete apartment blocks in the old Soviet style.

We started with a visit to the National History and Archeology Museum which holds some interesting artifacts. Above is the Glykon Serpent - Divinity of Good, Patron of House and Family, Guardian of Temples. Tomis, 2nd Century A.D.

Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of the Moon and Fecunity,
Tomis, 2nd Century A.D.

Following an ambiguous yellow arrow we walked from the National History and Archeology Museum to see the Roman Mosaics in their own purpose built building.

We drove out of town for lunch at the Murfatlar Winery where we were treated to a Folkloric performance. It was wonderful to be so far from port and able to enjoy the scenery and the wine (which was very good).

PORT STOP - Nesbur, Bulgaria

St George Monastery

We elected for an all day excursion that took us to the Saint George Monastery and then to Sozopol. It was pleasant to get that far from the ship and see a little of the countryside.

Sozopol, Bulgaria

We had a typical Bulgarian lunch at a restaurant beside the sea but unfortunately there were no folk dancers as per the previous days.

Nesebur, Bulgaria
After lunch in Sozopol we returned to Nesebur for a walk around the town before heading back to Discovery. Nesebur is a tourist town for Bulgarians and it would be crazy there in summer. However, it was nice to see the interesting old wooden buildings and 8-9th century churches. I was able to get some Voltarem, the pilgrims friend, an arthritis gel for my knees so I was happy.

The weather has been fantastic which makes up for the lack of sites to visit.

Tonight we sail to Istanbul for two days in Turkey ....

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