Thursday, May 27, 2010

At home ....

Yesterday was a long day with that horrible early start of 0330 UK time and our arrival home at 1500 US Central Time, (6 hour time difference). All went smoothly and our flight was not affected by the British Airways strike. Usually we do not fly BA but might reconsider, it was a good flight with happy (to be working) Flight Attendants.

Stephen and Charlotte called and gave us a WELCOME BACK shoutout (Karen was at her book club meeting). It was wonderful to hear their voices, we will see them on Sunday for a family day.

I now have much laundry to do and finish with the unpacking from the cruise. The cruise will now be like a dream, a memory. Did we really see that, go there?

In two weeks (June 10) I leave for France and Spain. I will walk a portion of Via Tolosana from Toulouse. Then I will work as a volunteer hospitalero at one of four albergues along the Camino Francés.

I have now completed the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea Blog updates.

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