Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sevastopol, Ukraine

Sevastopol is the home of the Russian fleet and an often disputed area along the Crimean Peninsular. Now the Russians pay rent for the port until 2025. It is bright sunny day and we have the afternoon off from touring. We are sitting in the sun on the Waves Deck enjoying a drink before lunch.

This morning we went for a stroll in the park where we were given the history of the port and the Ukraine relationship with Russia. Our guide was obviously Russian with a little bias :)

We stopped at a Cathedral that was closed due to reconstruction and then went to Chersonesus ruins from the first century BC. Chersonesus is a small site with a beautiful view of the Black Sea.

Later ..... Well, I would never have thought that I would be in a Russian Naval Officers Mess in Sevastopol listening to Russian music and watching a folkloric concert. It was wonderful, absolutely superb dancing and the singers have beautiful voices. The TOMOV experience allowed us to recognize when a full troupe number was coming, the solo act being a good indicator. In honor of our people they played some recognizable tunes, the Saints Go Marching In being one that I remember.

A lovely day in Sevastopol.

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  1. Anonymous7:45 AM CDT

    Hi Luiza and Garry: Sounds like some interesting tours (some sound "smelly")....ha, ha, ha....Anyway, following along your every move, enjoying your blog. Love, Dawnie