Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heraklion, Crete, Greece

What a spectacular day we had. First stop was Knossos Palace which is what made the day spectacular. The ruins are well preserved such that you can picture how it would have looked 7,000-6,000 years ago in the Minoan times. Sometimes there is not sufficient ruins and a lot of imagination is required, not here at Knossos. We were fortunate to be the first tourist in Knossos so I was able to take photographs without pesky people in them. It was wonderful. Three photographs do not do justice to this beautiful site, you really must plan a visit. :)

Then onto Boutari winery for a wine tasting. Since I had not eaten this morning, we had an early start, this was breakfast for me. Wine, bruschetta, olives, cheese, .... a good breakfast eh Dawn?

We had lunch at a Taverna (sign below) in a small village where Zorba the Greek was written. We sat outdoors under the trellised grape vines, it was beautiful, very relaxing, and the Greek food quite tasty, yum!

We then went back down the mountains to Heraklion for a walk around town.

Another cruising day tomorrow, the next stop is Malta.


  1. 2nd time to try to comment....new computer at work much faster YEAH...but couldn't get to to google acct for this hopefully this time. I am having so much fun following you both on your journey....and agree with you about HEELS on a BOAT...duh... no heels for me even on flat ground.... keep enjoying....breathe some for me...thanks...


  2. So did you have WINE for breakfast??? the lunch sounds beautiful.... and YUMMM love that Greek food..... happy cruising day tomorrow and Malta....I have always wanted to go there welp along with GREECE too!!!


  3. Sailed past Crete for quite a long time last night and the lights of the villages was a welcome sight. Yes, that was wine for breakfast. It was our earliest start at 0745 so I had a cup of coffee and then off ship. It was my choice to sleep later and skip ship's breakfast. Too much food on a cruise ship ... oh the woes of travel :) Not long till you leave now is it?