Friday, May 14, 2010

Messina, Sicily, Italy

"Trisceli" the symbol for Sicily

We docked early at an unattractive port so the rest of the day could only get better and it did. Our guide today was Franco with that attractive sing song accent only Italians seem to have. Franco is the only guide folks have wanted to listen to, one gets very tired of the over chatty guide.

We visited Taormina a Sicilian summer vacation spot, a pretty mountain top village. Below is the view from Taormina looking toward the Mediterranean Sea.

Taormina has a Greek Amphitheater which is not the best amphitheater I have visited, the best I have seen is in Libya.

Mount Etna

I did not get up at 0400 to see Mount Etna from the ship. I looked out our window, could not see any glow so went back to sleep.

So, after a delicious Italian lunch (Bruschetta, Pasta, Salad and Scallopini then followed with Almond Ice-cream) we headed up the mountain to get close to the crater.

Along the way we saw some of the many cinder cones (one below) created by the volcano over the centuries. We could also see the 'old' lava flows, Franco gave the date for all flows. There was snow on top of Mt Etna and it was c-cold.

Back on board now we are sailing to Sorrento, Italy, and tomorrow will tour the Amalfi Coast.

Oops, the Captain has just announced that the sea state is rough so we cannot tender in Sorrento, now we are heading to Naples, Italy at least that means we will be at a port.

I am too tired to go back and add more to yesterday .... perhaps I will do that when I am home.

Thank you all for following me along the way ... Love, Luiza


  1. Anonymous6:56 PM CDT

    You know that I would have loved the good Italian food! Really enjoying your adventures. I think I would like that kind of cruise. I bet the Amalfi coast will be charming. Have fun, and have a glass of wine for me!

  2. You would love it Dawnie, I know you would. Thought of you today as I was trying the various olive oils. OK - I will toast you tonight! Tons of love, Luiza