Sunday, May 16, 2010

Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

The weather was somewhat better today with only a threat of rain. The ground was damp and it was a little chilly.

Having visited Rome a number of times we opted for the excursion to Tuscany today. Driving through the countryside I was reminded of the beauty along the Camino with the fields ready to plant, the cereal growing in others and the rows of plastic covering the tomato plants (asparagus in Spain). The distant views of villages on the hills make it all the more beautiful. Before we visited Tuscania, an Etruscan walled city, we stopped at an 8th century Basilica, St. Peter's, it was simple and very different to the ornate baroque Basilica's so often found in Italy.

We walked around the picturesque old city of Tuscania and enjoyed a wonderful Italian cappuccino.

Afterward we went to a farm for a wine and olive tasting. They served us olives, brushetta (bread/olive oil) sun-dried tomatoes and selected fruit jams. Dawn loves Olive Oil so I picked her up a jug of oil for the next time I drive to Louisiana. I had to get one for me as well .... otherwise I might not hand over the gift that I bought. Both are safely in my cabin now.

We are back on the ship and will have a lazy afternoon.

Naples, Italy - Yesterday

It was a rainy day in Naples with very heavy rain at times. Hence I did not take many photographs along the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast

We chose the Amalfi Coast excursion which fortunately meant we were in the bus for most of the day. We stopped at a lookout over Positano where the terraces are beautiful on those very steep slopes. The villages are basically horizontal with each home being further up the steep cliffs. They have lemon orchards, olive groves, and all sorts of vegetables growing in the terraces. The area is rich in vegetation, lush green. It is very steep along the coast and there is not much beach at the bottom of the cliffs, and should the bus go over I am afraid you would be swimming. The bus drivers are amazing as it is also very busy on those narrow roads, crazy even. It seems in Italy they drive whatever side of the road they want, parking places are wherever you want to stop and pedestrian crossing are for decoration. Even our bus driver did not stop at a stop sign. It is a wonderful chaos. The Amalfi Coast was so busy yesterday that I would hate to visit in high season.

We had lunch in Amalfi and then walked around the small town where I bought two bottles of Limoncello. Trying to prtect my camera from the rain I dropped the bag and then noticed I was leaving a trail of Limoncello behind me. Now I have one bottle of Limoncello.

Back on board in the ugly weather meant only one thing, rough seas. We set off and slowly the number of folks visible on ship was dwindling. We sit at a table for eight at dinner, and last night we were four. After dinner Charlie, Barbara, Garry and I went to the Discovery Lounge where we won our second Discovery pen in the Trivia game.

The ship rocked and rolled as it increased speed after dinner time. For the first time on a cruise ship I did not get sick, thanks Kees for the Reiki.

We sail to Ajaccio, Corsica, France tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM CDT

    Yeah!!!! Olive oil all the way from Italy carried back for moi! Grazia - molto grazia! I must go to Italy one day and find my relatives.
    So glad you managed well and didn't get seasick. Really enjoying all the travels. Continue to have fun. Tooooo bad about the Limoncello....awwwww.

  2. Ah..... Tuscany...... and how was the sun and sunset??? the sights and tastes just sound sorry about the limoncello...did you have kids following behind you licking the ground??... or just ants??.......sorry about the rocky ship ride but happy for the pos REIKI!!! that healing energy is just the BEST... continue on... I am sure enjoying the ride!!!


  3. Hi Luiza

    I've been enjoying your travel notes immensely - sounds like a wonderful trip! Looking forward to some photos in due course... Meanwhile, best wishes for calm seas and happy cruising!


  4. Hi Katie,

    Sorry the system has been so slow that I have not always responded to comments.

    Unfortunately it was raining on the Amalfi Coast so the Limoncello was washed away otherwise I would have licked it up. Still have one bottle for us to share on our return.

    I have given Reiki to a number of folks on board when requested. Surprising number of Brits know exactly what it is.

    The ride has been wonderful and we have visited some lovely cities, islands, countries. I guess you are getting ready for your own journey across the pond.

    See you real soon if BA is flying ...


  5. Hi Andrée,

    I am sure your good wishes for our journey gave us the calm seas, thank you :)

    The cruise has been wonderful and we know where we would like to return and where to stay away from. I would go back to Malta at the drop of a hat. Malta is certainly a photogenic island, a bit overcrowded for a long stay but certainly very nice and was my favorite stop on the Mediterranean section of the cruise.

    I have run out of Wifi minutes and am now using Garry's so I will keep this short.

    Thanks again for good wishes and I will place photos in the appropriate places upon my return home.

    Bye for now, tons of love,