Saturday, May 22, 2010

We are sailing ......

Not much to report today as we are sailing and the view is ocean as far as the eye can see in whichever direction I look.

Last night we were in the tie-breaker of the Trivia Quiz. Garry went up for us as we three other team members just sat there. It should have been Charlie (the sea Captain) but we did not know what the question would be. The question was, on the crew epaulets the color between the gold bars signifies which Department the crew member is from. Therefore which Department is red between the gold? Charlie knew instantly (of course) as did Barbara and me. Garry got beaten to the punch. Oh well, we have two Discovery pens already. Yep, Medical is correct.

Today is a day of rest with the Captain's Formal Dinner tonight. This is just a photo-op for the on board photographer to sell his work. Hence we do not go to the pre-dinner cocktails as when we (or others) request no photo you are told you must have your photo taken. This is on all ships not just M/V Discovery.

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